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Price HK$62.00
Release Date 6/4/2017
Genre Fighting
Players 1-2
Publisher SUNSOFT

Arcade Archives Series Produced by HAMSTER Co.

"GALAXY FIGHT: UNIVERSAL WARRIORS" is a fighting game released by Sunsoft in 1995.
In the world that was destroyed by the destructors of the universe, eight warriors challenge to fight each other 's speculation.
Please enjoy the world view of SF touch and the fight full of speed.

The 'ACA NEOGEO' series is short for Arcade Archives NEOGEO and has faithfully reproduced the masterpieces of classic arcade games on the PS4™ system while taking advantage of the additional features available on the PS4™. Players can share screenshots and video with the SHARE feature, and can also compete with other players online to improve their standing on the online score rankings.

Arcade Archives Official Website is here.